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Social Media Management

KIT DIGITAL: Strategy and content for your profiles on social networks under the Call for Aid from the KIT DIGITAL Program, with European funds “Next Generation EU”, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan.

The Digital Social Media Management Kit modality, for an amount between €1,440 and €2,500 includes a range of business support services, including the implementation of a Social strategy Media (Social Media Plan) and professional management of profiles for 6 months for the €1,440 pack and 12 months for the €2,500 packs.

These are the professional services of Social Networks that we offer to our clients:

RRSS Audit: Review of the profile and strategy for brand optimization in each social network

Social Media Plan: Development of an editorial content plan for the brand based on competition analysis and semantics

Social Media Management: Professional management of a social profile for the brand for a year

RRSS Data Analytics: During the months of activity we provide you with a Data analytics control panel for your social networks. 

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