10 Popular Google Web Font Pairings

Companion font selection is never an easy task for web designers.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  If you are having trouble putting together a good  combination of font of   body and header  for your website, or just want a little nudge in the right direction, here are ten popular combinations that look amazing together.

Trabajo Sans y Roboto

These two fonts get along wonderfully. Work Sans is a font specifically designed to be used in large and medium sizes. And while its wide letter spacing makes it unsuitable as a body font, it’s perfect for headings. Meanwhile, Roboto was designed to look natural and readable. It is an extremely popular and practical font, which pairs well with the bold yet elegant look of Work Sans.

Fuente Serif Pro y Fuente Sans Pro

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? These two fonts were created in the same project to complement each other. Source Serif Pro will add a touch of style to your headings, while Source Sans Pro, built with user interfaces in mind, offers a streamlined, easy-to-read experience.

Playfair Display  and  Montserrat

Playfair Display was made with the traditional typefaces of the late 18th century in mind. As a display font, it looks best in your headers, where it will add an elegant and timeless look to your website. And fused with the source of the body of Montserrat, inspired by the signs of the early twentieth century in Buenos Aires, it will achieve a surprisingly synergistic combination.

Poppins and Raleway

Poppins is a nice geometric font based on circles and curves. It works well as a header and body font due to its versatile and beautiful design. Raleway, meanwhile, is actually designed as an oversized font. Despite this, it works very well as a body font with Poppins. Test it;  You will be surprised at this unlikely combo!

Libre Baskerville y Lato

These two fonts work together because they contrast well. . Libre Baskerville is a tall, elegant serif font, while Lato is a sans serif, modern and is designed to provide a warm and friendly feeling.  Both will give your site a lot of personality.

Merriweather y Open Sans

The ever popular Open Sans pairs fantastically with the nice and friendly Merriweather. The latter’s bold, broad look makes it a great heading font, while Open Sans’s simple, neutral design will make reading long passages easy on the eyes.

Mono espacial y muli

Mono spaced fonts are somewhat unpopular due to their illegibility in body text. However, Space Mono can be a great header, especially if you want to give your site a “tech” feel, perfect for a web developer. Combine it with  minimalist  Muli and you will have an outstanding set of fonts.

Espectral y rubik

The beauty of Spectral and the simple, round design of Rubik’s come together to make an enchanting combo.  With Spectral as the display source, visitors will be instantly drawn to the light and elegant design, and Rubik will keep them there with its smooth appearance.

Oswald y Noto Sans

Based on alternative gothic fonts, Oswald is tall, bold and condensed, perfectly suited to displaying text. Noto Sans was made specifically for compatibility.  Cover more than 30 scripts!  If your site uses a non-English alphabet, look at this combo.

Ubuntu y Lora

This is another font set that works because of the contrast.  Ubuntu is a versatile sans serif font that looks particularly nice at a large header size, while Lora has a   calligraphy  precious  .  Such fonts are usually not suitable as body text, but Lora is polished enough to be readable while still giving off that distinguished air.

Combining the best sources

Finding fonts that work well together is an art in itself.  It’s important that your header and body fonts are compatible, as choosing the right ones will lead to a more harmonious design.  These ten font combos are a great place to start.

And best of all, with Google Fonts, they’re all free and easy to import onto your site. Start using your favorite combo in your current project right away!

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