Top 5 wordpress store locator plugins with Map

WordPress locator plugins are the perfect solution to provide a convenient way for your customers to find their nearest store and the shortest way to get there, especially if your business has multiple locations. 

Customers may want intimate contact with a product before making an online purchase, and a visit to your store gives you the opportunity to do just that. Not only that, but customers will have fewer inquiries and fewer returns for in-store purchases compared to online purchases. 

Many types of businesses will be able to benefit from having WordPress locator plugins on their website.

The beauty of these plugins is that they use Google Maps, which has features like zooming, routing, location sharing, and even spoken directions already built in. Some of these plugins are also compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to let customers know what items are available in the store and the nearest store that has an item in stock.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best WordPress localization plugins on CodeCanyon. Let us begin!

Map List PRO

Map List Pro is the perfect store locator for creating multiple locators, office addresses, and even contact  lists. Also, it comes with more than 35 styles for you to choose from.

Let us see some of the notable features of this plugin.

Easy to use location editor

You can easily create and edit locations by searching for them in the editor as all the details are already filled in for you.   Then you can adjust or add locations by dragging and dropping the pin to the place you want.

Custom icons and grouped bookmarks

This plugin contains hundreds of icons that can be used on your maps.  Grouped markers are suitable for maps with a large number of locations and make navigation easier.

It also includes different display modes for your maps, such as:

  • simple map:   this is just a simple map without sorting or searching
  • title search:   contains a search box where customers can search for stores by title, description, and categories
  • search by location:    allows customers to search for stores near a certain location
  • search by location and text:   search for stores near a location with a certain keyword
  • geolocate map:   this type of map will ask the user for their location and return results that are nearby

Super Store Finder 

Super Store Finder  for WordPress is another fully responsive store locator that comes with a powerful admin store locator.  You can manage stores and labels/categories, as well as customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions, and map settings.

This plugin also comes with a plugin  Marker Clusterer for WordPress   which you can also buy. It allows you to combine many bookmarks and then display them as groups.

Some of the features include:

  • built-in geolocation:   allows your customers to find the exact location of your store and how to get there in the shortest time
  • Show store pictures and videos:     upload and display images and videos in the store locator, for example, images of dishes available in a restaurant.
  • import bulk addresses
  • browse stores by region:     a useful feature if you have multiple stores in different countries
  • attach a   Contact Form    to individual stores

Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator  is a very powerful localization plugin that features three unique themes, each with a different style.   This gives you the option to choose the style that best suits your website.

Agile Store Locator also comes with a dashboard panel where you can see all the stats like the number of stores, bookmarks, categories, and the number of searches.   It also shows important data such as the most viewed stores and locations.

Other features include:

  • maps in several languages
  • time switch:    a unique feature that allows you to display only stores that are open at any given time
  • draw the direction from one point to another  and instructions on how to get there
  • Import and export stores  , manage categories and display locations on custom maps

Woocommerce Store Locator

The WordPress Store Locator  is the best ecommerce store locator. Gives you the ability to link products to your stores,  which means you can add  a button Search in next to your products.  This has the potential to increase sales, as customers are likely to buy more items if they come to the store.

It also includes more than 10 layouts and 90 options for designing maps.

Other features are:

  • support for  multiple languages
  • Personalization:  you can customize everything, including the color, data, and even the style of the map.
  • Capacity for  import and export stores.
  • Ability to insert a     Contact Form  for multiple stores.
  • embed locator  on any page.
  • geolocation  automatic 
  • store data personalization  : customize the data you want to display for a particular store

Responsive Store Locator

Responsive    Store Locator  is a multipurpose listing plugin that allows you to display locations near your customers . It also comes with a powerful back-end where you can upload multiple store locations, translate your maps and locations into multiple languages, and apply beautiful skins to the maps.

This plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce; this means you can assign stores to products, let customers know if the item is available in the store, and send them to the closest stores to buy the product.

This plugin also allows you to upload stores without knowing their latitude and longitude coordinates.  This can be a real time saver!

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